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Manhatta, sixty stories above Manhattan

writing with light

Stephen Black: September 2022: New York City

In it to win it.

And what is it that I want to win?

A win in NYC means planting more grassroots AR projects: art, educational and commercial. AR fun and chaos with purpose.

Example 1: Bagelfest 3.0 September 17, 18

Combining Mike Varley’s Everything Bagel NFT project with VR, a Flock of Bagels, POAPs and more, this two day event will showcase actual components that will one day grow into the “metaverse”.

Set within the wildly popular Bagelfest, this is a chance for both the creators and users of web3/the “m word”, this will be a delicious way to map the future. And Bubiko will be there!

Plus, anyone who dresses like Michelle Yeoh gets a chance to win a Flock of bagels in a location of their choice!

Mike Varley and his wife (and walking partner) Jessi on the Today Show with Al Roker.

Michelle Yeoh and THE MOVIE and the Everything Bagel.

Cafe Anne spills the beans on what it’s like living with a flock of bagels:

Example 2: Kueh R at Lady Wongs

Kueh R is an experiment combining Southeast Asian pastries with AR.

Lady Wong’s motto says it all: Rooted in Tradition, Inspired by New York.

This is another of my kueh art projects. My first kueh artwork is described in one chapter of a book called ‘i ate tiong bahru’.

A test. The actual color of the rainbow kuehs( in Malay: kueh lapis) are a bit exaggerated here.

Example 3: MAITH networking and expansion

Maith is the name of the organization I am creating to manage AR/web 3 projects, producers and artists.

Example 4: Soda Bread in Time and Space

This project began in 2021 at the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans. Using 3D models based on soda bread created by Chef Susanna Johnson-Sharpe, and featuring the XR Masters app, Soda Bread in Time and Space is an evolving project to educate teh public about AR- and soda bread, of course! The exhibition will soon be set up at Mary O’s, a legendary pub and home of the best soda bread on the North American continent.

Mary O and her sodabread scones featured on ABC News.

Example 5: Debut of Generator video at Le Petit Versailles

Perhaps the world’s first video work produced with GeoPose AR, this short clip features an excerpt from a theatre piece created by Jack Waters and Peter Cramer which was performed in February and March of 2020 at La Mama.

Example 6: Eclipse AR music video/ the Head Peddlers

Debut: Eclipse, a music video by the Head Peddlers; shot, directed and produced by Stephen Black. The song is from the Head Peddlers recent album called Big Mohair Sweater.

Example 7: Hart Bar in Brooklyn

Stay tuned!…

Example 8: Monkey Mop Boy/Bushwick Open Studios

Stay tuned!

Monkey Mop Boy By Daniel Bainbridge/ AR version with Stephen Black

There are more projects, but you get the idea..


These projects are all (barely) self-funded, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sponsors! Hihowareya!?
  • Come to the events!
  • Pass the word along to any podcasters,bloggers, tv people or anyone who can shout real loud!
  • Tips: Paypal tips are always appreciated.
  • Photography. I am returning to my roots, and am investing in a lot of camera gear. This will allow me to take on assignments, as well as to create exhibitions that can be displayed with AR. Besides my own work, I am hoping to connect with restaurants, chefs, mixologists, architects, stage performers and any one desiring remarkable images.
  • Bubiko tee shirts.Limited quantities.

Your help not only helps me, but helps the other artists involved.

Plus, these projects use GeoPose AR. GeoPose AR is an open and ethical platform designed to keep the spatial web opne and not owned by anyone company. GeoPose AR is governed by an international group of volunteers, the OARC, the Open Augmented Reality Cloud. I am the OARC’s spatial cinema artist.

Although I am self-funded, I am very thankful to have the technical support of



XR Masters

Mad Marker Studios

Flamingo Filters

Scandy 3D scanners

One2All. NFT market services

Special thanks to Sayuri Okayama

P H O T O G R A P H Y !