Tomatos, Rochester Public Market

September 2022/NYC/ Stephen Black/ Photography

Stephen Black


September in New York will, among other projects, mark my return to photography as a visual artist and a commercial photographer specializing in portraits, food, fashion and interior photography.

As I had been concentrating on AR, and before that, writing books, I have no current photographic portfolio. The following images were made to support AR projects.

So... watch this space as I get serious about photography, especially the idea of using photographs in AR.

From the Augmented Reality project happening at Lady Wong.
Croissant from Flour City Bread Company, photographed in Java’s Cafe, Rochester NY Public Market
Soda Bread with butter, from Green Hills Irish Bakery, Dorchester MA
Manhatta Restaurant, NYC. A drink called Pollen Oats. This will soon be installed in the restaurant, using AR.
View from Manhatta
Bubiko Foodtour AR project, from iPhone 11 Pro Max
Egg tart. (pasteis de nata) at Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon, considered to be the birthplace of pasteis de nata.(iPhone 11 ProMax)
Kanazawa. Chef Paulo Morais, recognised by the Embassy of Japan in Portugal as the gastronomic ambassador of Japanese cuisine. ( iPhone 11 ProMax)
Chilis drying in the sun