Stephen Black
4 min readAug 31, 2022


That QR code takes you to this page.

So… Hart Bar… the opening is Thursday, 9/22. Show up whenever you like, I will likely be there form 5–11 or so, maybe later.

I am showing a variety of projects and collaborations and am excited to be able to share them. If you are serious learning more about GeoPose AR and what I am up to, please set up an appointment. Look for Bubiko Foodtour on Instagram or Twitter.

Three technologies are used for this exhibition.

Please consider downloading these two apps:

XR Masters


Both apps uphold the privacy and ethical principles of the Open Augmented Reality Cloud. You do not need to sign in. No data about you is recorded.

No problem if you do not download the apps, but that means I have to show you on my phone.

Here are some AR images from Bagelfest.

Stephen Black (in NYC til 9/30)

Writer, photographer, visual artist now on a mission to create projects with GeoPose AR. Stephen is the spatial cinema artist of the Open Augmented Reality Cloud, a group of professional volunteers committed towards creating an open and ethical spatial web, the basis for AR(and, eventually, the metaverse).

This lighthearted interview explains Stephen Black’s background as well as the procedures involved in creating a GeoPose AR experience.

GeoPose Augmented Reality

GeoPose AR is permanent, sharable and based on a geographical area. Augmented.City is an Italian company pioneering the use of GeoPose AR. In Bari and Venice users can point their phones anywhere in selected areas to see digital information.

A GeoPose AR art installation by Stephen Black, in Times Square:

Stephen Black uses two apps; one by Augmented.City, one by XR Masters.

Soda Bread in Time and Space is the name of a project first developed at the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans, and now being tested at Mary O’s Pub in Manhattan.


Stephen Black is the author of several books, including the bestseller i ate tiong bahru. He is also the founder of Book Merah, a publishing enterprise. Recommended: a book of poems by Tyler Dempsey, Newspaper Drumsticks.

Bubiko Foodtour

Co-created by Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama, Bubiko Foodtour is a pioneer in the world of web3, especially AR. Her short film, Bubiko:First Flight, has been said to be as historically important as the world’s first website.

Besides Augmented.City , XR Masters and the OAR, Bubiko has received technical support from Novaby, Mad Marker Studios, Flamingo Filters, and Scandy.

Bagelfest 3.0

As part of Bagelfest (September 17, 18), Mike Varley joins forces with Stephen Black to present examples of functional components of the “metaverse”, including NFTs, AR, VR, POAPs and blockchain. Mike and his wife Jessi are a dynamic duo: their legendary walks across New York’s boroughs have become the basis for NFTs and much more. Besides news outlets like the New York Times, the couple have been featured on the Today Show.


Maith is Stephen Black’s umbrella organization, covering AR, VR,Art, web3 event production and NFTs.

Here is a test by Maith and producer Shane Pitzen who is developing ideas that use GeoPose AR as a tool for sports marketing.

Leprechaun model was purchased online and is not of Maith quality. This test was about using motion capture, supplied by Mad Marker, in AR. The motion capture worked great, but this poor little leprechaun lost his beard! This was due to the fact that he was made with an outdated software. We discovered this after we bought it.

Maith is now finalizing an NFT gallery created in conjunction with One2all, and will very likely launch this month. Stay tuned!


AR. Kuehs. Lady Wong! Developing the ideas which were first presented at Columbia University/the NYAR Meetup in July.


Stephen Black looks to his past to create the future. Before AR, before writing books, before network TV production work(Fuji TV,Fox, CNN and Cartoon Network), Stephen obtained a BFA in Photographic Illustration from RIT. He was a fine art and commercial photographer with work shown in galleries and in numerous publications.

Now he is doing pioneering research on photographic exbitions in AR, as well as taking on a limited number of commissions.

Not a photo, but an illustration from the menu of the Manhatta restaurant. Suspended above the bar with GeoPose AR
The view from Manhatta.
A Manhattan at Manhatta! Cheers!