NYAR@ Columbia AR art exhibition (7/25/2002)+ notes on NYC projects by MAITH

Stephen Black
3 min readAug 2, 2022
The original bagels are from Moe’s Broadway Bagels. Thank you very much Paul Dodd for your help with the poster. (Next month: Brooklyn Bagelfest, where we will be showcasing AR bagels and a whole lot more!)

Varjo/Brandon Turnage/ HeadsetAR/VR WOW

Bubiko watching Matt Miesniek/Living Cities set up

MAITH Kueh AR LAB coming soon to Lady Wong. Thanks to Lady Wong, guests were able to sample rainbow kuehs. Guests could also see the floating kueh project.

Rian from Lady Wong holding a lovely cup of mizudashi sencha, surrounded by tests of moving rainbow kueh/kueh lapis.(Video to follow). The actual kuehs are not as strongly colored as this photo suggests; Lady Wong uses all natural ingredients. Maith is determined to learn how to create the most beautiful and realistic food models possible. Kuehs will be a challenge!

MAITH NFT Countdown. Test Mockup 1. Test Mockup 2

Brooklyn Commons GeoPose AR test: A clip from NYC Mayor Adam’s speech from this video, positioned in space.

AR app:Augmented.City

Kirell Benzi creates striking visual art from data. These three examples, from his piece about Pokemon, were placed in Brooklyn Commons, next to the video of Mayor Adams.

Three images from Pokegraph, a very impressive yet fun interactive piece by Kirell. AR App:XR Masters

Mary O!

Test: GeoPoseAR used to suspend permanent and sharable video. Location: Mary O’s pub, on the Lower East Side. The video is the amazing story of Mary and her soda bread scones, featured on ABC’s America Strong program. (Soon her scones will be positioned in front of the pub as well.) AR app: Augmented.City

A Pou Taste is the small restaurant with the best Taiwanese food in Brooklyn. It is also where you can find the AR tests for the Soda Bread in Time and Space Exhibition .

This is a test for the Baretto Cafe in Bari, Italy. Baretto is where parts of Bubiko’s AR movie were shot. This was a rough test for a digital souvenir/AR selfie. (This is right next to A Pou Taste.) AR app:Augmented.City
Lower East Side secret art installation with Monkey Mop Boy AR App: XR Masters

Coming soon: A Flock of Bagels invades Anne’s Cafe!

At a top secret location, a fish swims through the air. AR App: XR Masters

What Maith/SB was up to last year.

In 2019, Stephen started Maith

to represent XR artists and producers, create XR exhibitions/experiences and develop projects. Maith has created a soda bread exhibition for the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans, organized talks for the Altimetrik Collider in Detroit, participated in the Bushwick Open Studios and is now creating an AR Kueh Lab with Lady Wong Patisserie on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Stephen has given presentations about his work at MIT, HKPolyU, TechCrunch Shenzhen, the VIEW Conference and other notable venues.

Technical support has been provided from Augmented.City, Novaby, XR Masters, Mad Marker Studios, Flamingo Filters and Six Cats Studios. Stephen is the 2022 resident spatial cinema artist of the OARC, the Open Augmented Reality Cloud, an international volunteer group of professionals working for an open and ethical metaverse.

SB bio

Stephen Black’s 2019 short film, entitled Bubiko: First Flight, is said to be as historic as the world’s first website, as it was the first large public project made with GeoPose AR. GeoPose AR is, basically, the spatial web/ the foundation of the metaverse.

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (BFA: Photographic Illustration), with lifelong experience in Asia, Stephen’s career includes projects for, or with: Cartoon Network, CNN, Fox, Turner Classics, Fuji TV, Canon, Sony, Kandao, Kenzo, Kazuko Masui, Stelarc, Xu Xi, Annie Leibovitz, Eugene Soh, Kazuo Ono, Kumiko Akiyoshi, Dentsu, Suntory, the Rivington School of New York, Daniel Bainbridge, and more. Stephen is a recognized video maker, a bestselling author/publisher, a visual artist and a photographer.

In 2015, Stephen began to focus exclusively on web3. In 2017, with Sayuri Okayama, Bubiko Foodtour was created to explore AR, VR, NFTs, POAPS, phygital collectibles and more.