Stephen Black
Sep 18, 2022


“sepia” “pixels” “the decisive moment” ”bagels” “bubiko” “me”

From Thursday until the end of the month, you can see the Flock of Bagels and much more AR goodness at the Hart Bar. Make an appointment and I will be happy to introduce you to the world of GeoPose AR.

Flock of Bagels @ Brooklyn Bagelfest

Models provided by Moe’s Broadway Bagels

GeoPose scanning app: Augmented.City

3D Models/ AR app: XR Masters

Pixellated bagel image from the Everything is Everything NFT series by Mike Varley

Bubiko support: Novaby (3D modeling) Mad Marker Studio (motion Capture)

Special thanks to the OARC (Open Augmented Reality Cloud)

So… September 2022. New York City. Photography and GeoPose AR: photography being a fundamental part of my past, AR seeming to be a large part of my future. Food as an art form; food as a way of learning about the world and my place within it.

More photo documentation of Bagelfest here.