Sho Konishi @ Ace Hotel NY: Kuro no Fuku

Stephen Black
Sep 13, 2022

The September adventure continues.

The new camera is working out, but Konishi-san’s show presented the greatest possible challenge. The camera has a reputation for being difficult to focus.

Konishi-san’s show featured almost no light, and dark clothes. Black clothes, actually, in keeping with his idea of honoring fashion legends Yohji Yamamoto and Commes de Garcons, both known for their use of black.

There was a learning curve with the focus issue, but the performance and quality of this camera was shockingly good.

Thank you to Konishi-san and his team for being so gracious and allowing me to shoot so freely.

Also, a big thank you to the Ace Hotel New York.

Yohji Yamamoto flyer taped to column, Brandon Gray, Tiresias
Sho Konishi, on the steps and on the stage.
Ace Hotel lobby, internationaly reknowned violinist Kirlia .

All but one of these were shot with the Hasselblad XD11 2.