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VRTO 2023/MAITH: talking points and GeoPose AR experiences

Stephen Black
2 min readJul 17, 2023


Hi VRTO ers!

Stephen Black here.

Among other titles, I am the spatial cinema artist of the OARC, the Open Augmented Reality Cloud.

If you want to see what I look like, click here(and scroll down), but really, the entire OARC website is the info YOU NEED TO READ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in SPATIAL COMPUTING ON AN OPEN, ETHICAL and GLOBAL SCALE.

I do many things but at VRTO I am presenting myself as a GeoPose AR producer/artist. My background includes books, TV, photography, game development, music and many kinds of art. FWIW, I have lived most of my adult life in Asia.

In 2015 I focused exclusively on AR. Shortly afterwards, with Sayuri Okayama, I co-created Bubiko Foodtour. Bubiko has had AR adventures all around the world, from Mardi Gras to Malaysia to Manhattan and beyond!

Ask me about the historic short film called Bubiko: First Flight

Ask me about ‘Golden Weeks’ the upcoming historic GeoPose AR photo exhibition in Fredrikstad, Norway. Examples will be installed at VRTO.

Other GeoPose AR installations at VRTO:

Bubiko- she will be flying around everywhere.

A Flock of Bagels

Yes, A Flock of Bagels hacked the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Monkey Mop Boy

Soda Bread in Time and Space

During VRTO I will be launching my “anti NFT” gallery, as well as a goofy AR collaboration with Scenic AR. The Scenic app has already been approved by the App store and we are now fine tuning before officially moving out of beta.

SO there you go…VRTO will be kwayzee!

Hoping to learn about what you are doing!


Stephen Black

My projects have been remarkable experiences, sometimes testing the limits of the tech, always involving great people. These companies are definitely worth learning about, and I am deeply thankful for the assistance of all:



XR Masters

Flamingo Filters

Area 505