SBAC 1: more Q and A about Basemint

Stephen Black
2 min readJan 25, 2024


Alright… this is a project in which Andrew Chu, the founder of one2all, and I informally discuss various web 3 topics, and use Merlin to transcribe the videos.

Later, assisted with AI, super concise info will be produced, but for now just skim through the transcripts and ask any questions. Another aspect of SBAC is to connect with like-minded people.

With this video, and the previous one, Andrew is explaining how Basemint works. I am a complete newb with crypto and NFTS. I am an artist,a photographer, a writer and an AR guy.

Even with my very small amount of crypto/NFT knowledge, I can see that Basemint is a needed service, in that it allows anyone to easily enter the world of blockchain, whether they have crypto or not.

AND, it allows a community of fans or like minded people to be created.

Basemint just came out last year and has already won an award, yet another for Andrew.

OK... here is the transcription. This is not really proofread yet, so be aware that there may be some mistakes.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

Video Title: Exploring Farcaster and Key Gated Chat, Channel name: One2all

Farcaster provides a non-custodial wallet and key gated chat experiences.


Farcaster allows users to transfer their identity to different applications using a key.


The lack of deep connection on mass social media platforms.


Discord chat rooms can be chaotic and overwhelming for new users.


Keys can be purchased for $25 or $10.


Exploring Farcaster and Key Gated Chat


Creating a better feedback loop for artists and their fans


Creating an inner circle for communication and exploring possibilities


Crossman is a credit card payment service supporting all 50 states and international jurisdictions.


Farcaster enables credit card payments and vetted collections for easy access and integrity.


Exploring Farcaster to Mint digital assets


Exploring Farcaster and Key Gated Chat features.


Creator app’s value beyond blockchain


Discussing the use of Vibe with open addition for simultaneous feedback.


The driving to Singapore book +spatial project could be a good use case for Farcaster


Basemint is a platform free from algorithm constraints.


Discussions about political parties and China-Taiwan relations.


Discussion about to-do list


Andrew and I may do this weekly. If you would like to join in, you are welcome!