Rochester is both the Flower City and the Flour City!

GeoPose AR in Rochester/presentation and demo by Stephen Black (free POAP!)

Stephen Black
2 min readMay 31, 2022


The Rochester Brainery, Wednesday June 8, 2022 from 1:30–2:30 Free admission

This post will be updated with locations where GeoPose AR can be experienced in Rochester.

There is a postpresentation gathering at the Backroom Lounge at the Record Archive, but there will be no food or drinks in the Brainery, just plenty of AR demo action, videos, artworks and positive chaos!

At the Rochester Brainery, Stephen Black will show examples of GeoPose AR installed in Rochester, near public locations like the Little Theatre, Record Archive, RIT, Strong Museum of Play, the Flower City Art Center, International Plaza, and the Rochester Public Market.

The hands-on demo allows visitors to experience GeoPose AR’s ability to inform, entertain and delight. Uses for education, tourism, marketing and art will become apparent.

This is a session for sharing, not selling. Watch out for flying bagels!

Besides the hands-on demo, Stephen Black’s recent presentation at the Big Data Conference will be briefly reviewed.

SB is an RIT grad (BFA Photographic Illustration), with roots in Rochester. He is a long time collaborator with Margaret Explosion. The demo will include an AR exhibition of artworks, by Paul Dodd, the drummer for ME. Also at the demo: an AR-influenced music video of Rochester rocknroll legends Frying Pan, shot at the Skylark Lounge.

Attendees will get to meet Bubiko Foodtour!

Bubiko pondering the intersection of art, food and the metaverse.

Finally, the AR spatial web and the work of the OARC will be presented. The OARC (the Open Augmented Reality Cloud)is a volunteer organization committed towards an open and ethical spatial web. This is important: one company should not control the AR/VR metaverse.

Oh yeah… attendees will get a free POAP!

Learn about POAPs here.

The Flour City Tour is produced by Maith with technical support from two of the leading forces in GeoPose-based AR:



XR Masters

Stephen Black, Augmented.City, XR Masters, and Maith are active members of the Open Augmented Reality Cloud, and dedicated to an open and ethical AR metaverse.

Bubiko is a co-creation by Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama. Her journey has been greatly supported by:

Novaby, makers of AR experiences

Mad Marker Studios, motion capture experts


Flamingo Filters, specialists in AR filters