A poster for That Awful Man and His Manager, obscured by Bubiko’s mango blimp.

A recorded electric guitar begins painting a self portrait. Eight seconds later a statement spoken by a calm British male unites with the guitarwork, “It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering.”

The Manager and That Awful Man
With GeoPose AR, I am always Now Playing.
Bubiko Foodtour is on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.
Bernard and Mike: both with strong connections to Robert Fripp. Bernard had played in a Guitar Circle, if I remember correctly. Mike (in orange) was full of KC facts and stories. Just before Mike and I parted, he mentioned that he wore a crimson bow tie at the KC show in Pompeii, one of several he attended in Italy.
Robert Fripp at the Magic Bag, Ferndale Michigan, October 4, 2022



“It’s all data”

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