Define Metaverse/Bubiko NFT/Cool AR app

Stephen Black
3 min readDec 27, 2023
Scene from Bubiko: First Flight, first project in the metaverse. (?)

Hi. My name is Stephen Black. Among other things, I am the spatial cinema artist of the OARC, the Open Augmented Reality Cloud.

I propose that we finally define the metaverse. By this I mean that I would like to do more research and write an article for a website, blog, podcast, magazine, etc. This brief post is just a starter, a signal flare. If the article/podcast happens I will create an online questionnaire. The goal is an accurate definition of the metaverse.


Tony Parisi’s The Seven Rules of The Metaverse are axiomatic; truths we can all agree upon. However, Tony’s rules do not include the real world. Example: The Metaverse is not a computer program, but rather multiple computer programs and processes exchanging information via network protocols.

Tony’s definition doesn’t include the real world/IRL/AR and other acronyms.

The Metaverse Standards Forum has a working group for ‘Real/Virtual World Integration’.

The concept of “digital twins” involves real world structures with varying degrees of digital world interaction. Digital twins must be a part of the metaverse, but if we have “gamerbrain” we don’t see this.

Tom Ffiske/Immersive Wire: The Six Economic Principles for an Open Metaverse appears to reference only the virtual world.

There are more examples of different ‘metaverse’ definitions.

Paradoxically, like Neil Trevett, I do not really care how the metaverse is defined.

With one exception.

Bubiko, a character I co-created, is the star of a short film called Bubiko: First Flight. That project, made in 2020 with the assistance of Novaby and produced in Italy with the technical support of Augmented.City, has been called the first project on the spatial web.

The spatial web is/will be the “metaverse”.

It will unite all places, spaces and worlds; real and digital.

The answer to the question of “What was the first project to appear in the metaverse?” is most probably Bubiko: First Flight.

What do you think?


Bubiko: first project on the spatial web reference at 0:25

I would like to condense my metaverse research into an article or podcast, and conduct a questionnaire.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or contacts.

Bubiko. NFTs.

I did not rush into the world of NFTs.

I did attend both the Nonfungible Conference in Lisbon and NFTNYC. There is a lot of nonsense in the world of NFTs, but there are also exciting and honest ways of exchanging art for money. As an artist with a lifelong international track record, I owed it to myself to try NFTs.

With the assistance of the award-winning team at one2all, I created the Maith NFT gallery. It is, and will be, full of conceptual ideas and memorable art.It is more like a small vineyard than the mass-produced Coca Cola of sites like Open Sea.

I thank you in advance if you could forward that link to anyone interested in NFTs. Although I am grateful for the technical support I have received, since 2015 all of my AR activities have been self-funded.

I must find ways to keep going. NFTs can help.

Bubiko’s first NFT on display in Times Square during NFTNYC.
One of my favorite photos. Look closely and you can see Bubiko flying her mango blimp. The pixellated bagel on the bottom right is an NFT by the clever walkers at