Stephen Black
3 min readDec 5, 2023


screencap from the creation of a little video

December 2023


So much is happening NOW.

It’s not the best time to recap all that has happened this year.

First the Rolling Stones:

I DID NOT SAY THIS WAS TRUE. Is this a great example of an AI hallucination? To be fair I know that I need to train and retrain my personal.AI; tweak the info that I originally input.


Thanks to the nonstop brilliance of NY Tech Week, I now know a tiny bit about AI, and am studying and testing my Before the year ends, I will work with AI on a book project entitled ‘Driving to Singapore’. The book will document my thoughts and experiences while driving from Detroit to Saugatuck, Michigan where the ghost town of Singapore is located. (The map pictured below is outdated; I now have 10 locations to visit and write about.)


I am using Dacapo Coffee as a lab/gallery/proof of concept.


Bagelfest! NY Tech Week! The Halloween Hackathon at the Bitcoin Center. Plugdin/David Montini, Chef David Burke, Local 42, New York Explorers Club, Zillionaire Pizza and more. Some of these NY locations are becoming sites for Maith/AR projects. If I do an end of year review, I will post video then.

Maith NFT Gallery

First, if you are interested in the future of NFTs and social platforms:

Andrew has been extremely helpful with my unusual NFT activities.

He built the Maith NFT gallery.

He also won the “Pushing the Limits” Award at #BubbleCon2023!

Once the current NFT auction ends, another project is ready to go.

NFT Strategy

My first NFT was drastically underpriced and did not sell. There are a few reasons for this, one being that I posted absolutely no information regarding the NFT.

NFTs reflect perceived value. Had anyone researched Bubiko (featured on that NFT), they would have seen that she has a solid track record in art, AR and underground pop culture. Contrast Bubiko w 99% of the “NFT characters” out there…

There is now another Bubiko NFT up on Maith, and the auction for that expires at the end of the month. Yes, there is a description this time.


I have to make more time to use this app. Bubiko will soon be making an appearance in it. Something even more exciting is that we will be giving out prizes to those who create something great with her. More details soon!

Maith: Montreal

Will it be a workshop? maybe. Will it be a hackathon? maybe. Will it be historic and unforgettable for those involved? YES.

Organized by Maith and Byte Your Expression.

Margaret Explosion: Rosary

Finishing the video as slowlyfast as I can.

For now, here is the music: