basemint begins

basemint: it’s probably a revolutionary thing for NFTs + blockchain+ social media

Stephen Black



I am very fortunate to be in orbit with one2all. They are very patient with me.

However, they are also award winning no coders.

Soon I will be doing a chat/demo with Andrew for one2all, in which he will explain how basemint works.

For now, the following is a transcription of this video:

The transcription was created with Merlin

“Basemint: Connecting Creators and Fans at Scale”

Basemint deepens creator-fan relationship at scale


  • It provides a platform to identify and connect with biggest fans
  • The onboarding experience includes tutorials on accessing exclusive content

Basemint app focuses on accessibility and rewards


  • Initial rewards are fundamental to app’s concept
  • Efforts to make the app accessible to all users, with tool tips and native experience

Introducing a new way for creators to add a personal touch to their content


  • Creators can easily create and post content for their fans
  • Automatic generation of cover images and ability to pin content for easy access

Demonstrating how to put a piece on sale


  • Creating new collection once to put pieces on sale
  • Explaining closed and open mints, purchase options for users

Collection validation takes 24 hours.


  • Cross Mint validates for illicit content like adult material.
  • Assets are secured on the blockchain for purchase.

Intuitive and seamless experience for both creators and fans


  • The new collection and its features provide an easy-to-use interface for users
  • Fans can engage and receive notifications seamlessly through the web app

Basemint allows for easy purchase of content with a credit card.


  • No need to deal with wallets, transfers, bridges, or swaps.
  • Transaction fee covers gas and is handled by Crossman.

App allows personal and collective experiences with Creator


  • Ability to filter and view full context of posts
  • Enables personalization and scaling up for collective experience

Unrelated. A little test with AR, featuring teh music of Jonathan Bree.