AR + AI, briefly

Stephen Black
Sep 10, 2023

At my presentation for NY Tech Week, I emphasized that,because of the many positive recent developments in AR, I would not have a solid business plan for Maith until January of 2024. That is still the case, but this “sketch” indicates relevant activities.

After NY Tech Week, I began focusing on how AI can help Maith, my startup.

One of the courses I am taking.

Besides Adobe Firefly, Night Cafe and Chat GPT, I started to use

One prompt I am refining is about how, in 2024, I would like to do an AR project with the Rolling Stones.

Seriously playing around…
An AI font experiment for a project entitled ‘Driving to Singapore’. Driving to Singapore is the name of my AI-meets-roadtrip book/spatial computing project. Singapore is the name of a ghost town that once thrived on the shores of Lake Michigan. The foundation of the project is a drive across Michigan, starting from a salt mine near Detroit, then heading west to Singapore. Related: i ate tiong bahru.

MONTREAL/JANUARY 2024…AI +AR workshop details soon. produced by Maith and Byte Your Expression. Image tests:

The bagels are AR.