Another year gone by!

I would like to thank:

Antonello Arciuli

Jan-Erik/ Open Augmented Reality Cloud

Katherina, Vladimir, Sergey/Augmented.City

Julia Beabout/Novaby

Hybrid HK,

Vincent Trastour/Flamingo Filters

Stuart Pyle and Mik

Bobby Duncanson/Mad Marker

Ali and Dogan from XR Masters

Charles from Scandy

Sayuri Okayama

and especially my mom, whose kindnesses have saved me so much time and helped keep me healthy.

You can find links to all of the people mentioned above in these projects.

As for 2022… elsewehere on Medium, you can find my thoughts on making an NFT.


Exploratory Meetings for an AR exhibition at the Toledo Firefighter’s Museum

Newspaper Drumsticks, a collection of poems published by Book Merah (SB’s publishing company)


Bubiko AR flight tests at Mardi Gras

Initial testing for Soda Bread in Time and Space exhibition at the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans/Maith AR Gallery

Leprechaun testing at the Saint Pat’s Irish Coffee House in New Orleans.


Connector: The Ghost Howls blog (Tony Vitrillo): interviewing Julia Beabout and Vladimir Ufnarovskii


I ate tiong bahru (2nd edition) published by Book Merah and globally distributed by Ingram, including Amazon.

Research on soda bread and the cuisine of the Natchez region with Chef Susanna Johnson-Sharpe


3D files of Bubiko project started


Irish Soda Bread research at Burns and O’Neill Libraries in Boston

Tee shirts printed


AR Sculpture: A Flock of Bagels concept created with Steven Pagnotta of Moe’s Broadway Bagels (Denver/Boulder)


Refinement of Soda Bread in Time and Space, Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans

Produced a GeoPose AR-themed seminar for the Altimetrik Collider in Detroit.Featuring Ori Inbar, James Jackson and Ali C. Hantal Video

Produced another GeoPose AR-themed seminar for the Altimetrik Collider in Detroit. Created specifically for developers, and featuring Steve Smyth, Christine Perey and Julia Beabout/ Video

Video: Ori Inbar’s opening remarks for the ‘Future of Location-based AR’ panel at the Altimetrik Collider

Video: James Jackson’s informal explanation of the Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP)

Book Merah publishes Newspaper Drumsticks, by Tyler Dempsey.Distributed globally by Ingram, including Amazon.


Video: Soymilk Blues Improv/Chance meeting with Dylan Manna on NYC subway

Video: Bubiko: First Flight 90 second explanatory promo

New York City: networking, researching start of Vella serialized book project

Snake Lighter AR Art Exhibition w Daniel Bainbridge

Video: Good Morning America meets A Flock of Bagels

Video: Flying Bagels in Front of CBS Studios!

Video: A historic use of GeoPose-based AR +. For Natalie Duddridge of CBS New York.

Video: Excerpt from A Flock of Bagels on 42nd Street

Meeting with Lady Wong regarding AR Kuehs in Space project

Speaker at NYAR Meetup


Brooklyn Bagelfest

Video: Digital AR Signage


Interviewed by Christopher Lafayette Video

Beyond the Runway: Mentor, as o-ordinated by Startup Bootcamp FashionTech

Attended 5G Catalyst Summit (online)

Kickstarter “signal flare”, a last minute way to introduce the Thanksgiving Day Parade project; significant but not a serious attempt.

GeoPose-based AR/Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Project


Bubiko’s Portuguese New Year’s Eve project

New 3D version of Bubiko started, based on this image:

Video: Metaverse Buzz/History Repeating by The Propeller Heads with Dame Shirley Bassey

A little bit of future retro fun and music:


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