Still from Bubiko: First Flight, the short film which has been called as historically important as the world’s first website. It was created using Augmented.City’s Bari testbed. Bubiko and her blimp were conceptualized by Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama, created in 3D by Novaby.

The following notes were prepared for my upcoming interview with Emergent Technologist Christopher Lafayette. They are a record of the amazing experiences and collaborations I have been fortunate to have, and also serve as a sort of resume for Bubiko Foodtour.

Who are you?

  • After rewarding life experiences in art…

GeoPose AR/Stephen Black/New York City: Let’s Meet Now!

Are you in NYC/the Brooklyn area?

AR and the metaverse have started, right?

Yes 2x = come to #snakelighter

Snake Lighter is part of the Bushwick Open Studios Project.

From September 20th onwards, it is open by appointment.

Snake Lighter is:

a. Sculpture, cinema and artworks for the metaverse. an exploration of GoPose AR. A collaboration between Daniel Bainbridge and Stephen Black.

b. showcase of Stephen Black’s educational, commercial…

The Irish Soda Bread Exhibition at Maith: Augmented Reality; Harshest Reality (part 2)

We added raisins, cranberries and nuts to the original recipe for soda bread. The ruler was to help the team at XR Masters get a sense of scale to help them make 3D model. (Inches or centimeters? We could have had the culinary equivalent of Stonehenge.) All soda breads in this post created by Chef Susanna Johnson-Sharp.

There will soon be an exhibition about Irish Soda Bread at Maith. Because Maith is an exhibition space for AR, we needed 3D models of soda bread. …

Maith: my experiences producing a logo for AR

Maith logo test. Like all screen captures in this article, no Photoshop, and taken directly from iPhone 11 Pro Max + ACO 3D app. The colors lack the vibrancy of the original design. Concept by David Bothwell/Hybrid. 3D realization by Andrew Haugen/Novaby, with further refinement by the team at XR Masters. GeoPose-based spatial AR created on the Augmented.City platform. (The yellow card above the logo is another test for the upcoming soda bread exhibition.)

Maith, also called Maith AR, is the world’s first permanent AR exhibition space. It is located within the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans. To see the AR works in Maith, visitors need a free download, the AC0–3D, developed by Augmented.City. The…

stephen black will be giving presentations in Toledo OH, MIT and elsewhere. Details here.

Facial scan of Stephen Black by Chiaki Williams, using Scandy + iPhone 11 Pro Max

A TEAM OF HACKERS, MINUTES AFTER A MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE. Their mission: study car navigation usage to identify surviving roads, and the traffic upon them. Location: Tokyo, immediately after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. …

Stephen Black

“It’s all data”

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