2022 Projects by Stephen Black; mainly AR, photography and NFT research (MAITH starts here)

My goals for 2022 were to:

  • Continue creating independent GeoPose AR tests and artworks.
  • Publicize those, and other projects, always including supporters.
  • Research NFTS so as to determine whether to take action or not.
  • Re-enter professional photography by investing in a medium format digital camera and lighting equipment
  • Repeat the ‘September in NYC’ experience.
  • Create my definition of ‘metaverse’, and move forward- or not.
  • Lay the foundation for Maith, an AR/web3 company which will represent my work, the work of others, and function as a boutique agency for commercial projects.
  • ………….
  • Huge THANK YOUs to Augmented.City, XR Masters, Novaby, Flamingo Filters, the OARC, Area 505, Scandy and all of those with whom I have crossed paths with this past year.


Follow up from Christopher Lafayette interview.


Tyler Dempsey interview, publicity for Book Merah, my publishing venture.


Podcast with Jay Harris


In 2023 I will be attending Lundi Gras/Mardi Gras for the 3rd year, this time as an official participant in the Krewe of the Red Beans.

Blog of Simonetta Pozzi , on how Sayuri Okayama and myself created Bubiko, as well as the story of why we committed to AR in 2015, despite having no technical experience nor funding.


Monkey Mop Boy, by Daniel Bainbridge in the lobby of the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, location of the Nonfungible Conference

Nonfungible Conference Lisbon

AR signage above IRL signage

Discovered, and started making, POAPs!


Began serious discussions with one2all about the creation of a Maith NFT gallery.

Unbelievable, but from 2015 to May 2022 interest was higher for ‘Bubiko” than it was for ‘AR glasses’. This was compiled by an independent data researcher, and I have yet to figure out how this could be!


Presentation at Rochester Brainery.

AR tests at the Rochester Public Market.

Proof of Concept for Black Button Distillery.


Unofficial NFT placement in Times Square, as part of NFTNYC.

The dress was irresistible; the AR bagels and Bubiko are spices in the background. The pixellated bagel image is by Mike Varley, from his Everything is Everything bagel NFT project. Technical support by Augmented.City and XR Masters.
Poster for Stephen Black’s presentation


Collaboration with Lady Wong Patisserie, using AR to showcase AR art based on Southeast Asian pastries.

Initial test for Lady Wong. The rainbow kuehs rotate. A work in progress, eventually there will be more sculptural elements and signage. The kuehs can be seen at both Lady Wong locations; one on 9th Street and one near Times Square.

Commissioned ism Toys to make two prototype models of Bubiko Foodtour.


AR works on display as part of Bushwick Open Studios.

Second appearance of AR bagels at Bagelfest. More photos here.

Photo projects: Bagelfest, Sho Konishi @ Ace Hotel Fashion show, Broadway in the Boros, and Highside Art Space




First of two Bubiko model prototypes arrives.

Bowling Green Holiday Parade: Scanned w Augmented.City, models viewed with XR Masters app.

Chicago: research for collectibles and AR project partners


Testing at Toledo Museum of Art featuring 2D and 3D works by Paul Dodd

Self Portrait by Paul Dodd, with signage, Toledo Art Museum

Eclipse music video completed for Head Peddlers

2021 Projects here.

One of several POAPS created this year.
Gio from Home Brew Coffee Consulting, at Bagelfest, pouring yet another perfect coffee.
Fig, photo documentation at Highside Art Space, Brooklyn.

My thoughts on NFTs are elsewhere on this Medium channel.

Maith Instagram

Season’s Greetings! (Bubiko at the Libbey House)



“It’s all data”

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